Can you solve the case?

Search Zone: A Murder Mystery Game


Search Zone: A Murder Mystery Game


Branding & Identity


Game Design

UI/UX Design

About the Project

Welcome, rookies, to the forensics laboratory. You are now training to become a Crime Scene Investigator (C.S.I.). You and your fellow colleagues are assigned to a case to help train you in investigating a crime scene. To win the game, you must be the first one to correctly make a warrant for an arrest (which includes finding the correct motive, means, opportunity and suspect) from your crime scene in order to move on to your next level of C.S.I. training. Search Zone is a murder mystery game designed and developed in collaboration with designer Yoojin Hong.

  • Conceptualize and create a playable game complete with a branding identity.
  • Develop game using game mechanics, rules, game pieces and packaging.
  • Introduce a mobile component to complement physical board game.
board from game
game poster
highlight of game cards and pieces
highlight of game cards and pieces
mobile design of rules and gameplay